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XPose Therapeutics in the news


March 2024

Poster at the 9th RSC-BMCS FBDD meeting, Cambridge, UK, on "Applying a new drug discovery platform for the discovery and development of inhibitors of DNA Damage Response proteins APE1 and Pol eta".

November 2023

XPose Therapeutics establishes collaboration with Naaz Coker Ovarian Cancer Research Centre (NOVARC) at the University of Nottingham within the Biodiscovery Institute, to work on multiple DDR pipeline targets including POLH, APE1, FEN1 and PARP1.

November 2023

Publication on platform and some early results "A New Drug Discovery Platform: Application to DNA Polymerase Eta and Apurinic/Apyrimidinic Endonuclease 1".

Read the abstract here.

October 2023

Poster accepted on "Applying a new drug discovery platform for the discovery and development of inhibitors of DDR proteins APE1 and Pol eta" for the AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics in Boston. 

June 2023

XPose Therapeutics will participate in BIO 2023, Boston, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, based on our acceptance into the NCI SBIR Investor Initiatives 2022-2023 program, where we will have the opportunity to deliver a company presentation and be a part of the few companies in the NIH Innovation Zone.

January 2023

XPose Therapeutics will participate in BIO Partnering at the 41st Annual J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, San Francisco.

August 2022

Poster at the American Chemical Society Fall Meeting, Chicago, on "Exploring the DRome ("DNA repair-ome".

April 2022

Poster at the 5th DNA Repair/Replication Structures and Cancer Conference, Cancun, on "Towards new DDR therapeutics by fragment-based drug discovery".

January 2022

Talk at the 5th Annual DDR, ATR & PARP Inhibitors Summit, Boston, on "Quick SAR by X-ray Poses".

January 2022

XPose Therapeutics participates in BIO Partnering at the 40th Annual J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

November 2021

Poster at the Mammalian DNA Repair Gordon Research Conference on Understanding and Targeting the DNA Repair Pathways on "Targeting APE1 for novel cancer therapeutics".

November 2021

Publication on "Early Drug Discovery and Development of Novel Cancer Therapeutics Targeting DNA Polymerase Eta (POLH)".

Read the abstract here.

October 2021

Talk at the 4th Targeted Protein Degradation Summit on "Discovery and development of targeted protein degraders for DDR therapeutics by screening compound libraries to obtain empirical 3D information".

June 2021

Abstract at the ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) 2021 Annual Meeting on our “Development of a DNA damage response (DDR) therapeutics platform for oncology".

Read the abstract here.

January 2021

Poster on "Targeting the DNA repair enzyme APE1 in cancer therapy" presented at "The 1st International Electronic Conference on Cancers: Exploiting Cancer Vulnerability by Targeting the DNA Damage Response".

Read the presentation here.

December 2020

XPose Therapeutics and Accelero Biostructures announce Joint Research Collaboration for the Discovery and Development of Novel Cancer Therapies.

Read the article here.

November 2020

Publication on our DDR/cancer therapeutics efforts "Fragment- and structure-based drug discovery for developing therapeutic agents targeting the DNA Damage Response" 

Read the article here.

July 2020

XPose Therapeutics is very excited to receive non-dilutive funding (SBIR Phase I) from the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health to advance the discovery and development of novel therapeutics targeting DDR in cancer.

Full announcement here.

March 2020

XPose Therapeutics accepted into Spring 2020 session of Berkeley SkyDeck HotDesk (Incubator) program.

January 2020

XPose Therapeutics licences hits from Accelero Biostructures for launching focused therapeutics development for DDR target APE1.

July 2019

XPose Therapeutics ("X-ray Poses" or "XPose") receives support for launch from University of California's QB3.

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