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XPose Therapeutics Inc. San Francisco based research organisation

About Us

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, XPose Therapeutics is an early stage drug discovery company leveraging a cutting-edge approach using experimental information on 3D protein-ligand interactions as a starting point to discover and develop target-specific small molecule cancer therapeutics for traditionally “undruggable” targets.


Our focus is on DNA damage response (DDR) proteins and their demonstrated roles in cancer. The compounds we discover and develop can be deployed in a multi-pronged approach across multiple modalities: monotherapy involving conventional enzyme inhibition; synthetic lethality (SL); targeted-protein degradation; and combinatorial therapy with other genotoxins and cytostatics, thereby providing a significantly large therapeutic landscape to help a wide variety of patients. 


We are bringing our extensive team training in some of the best research laboratories with pioneering experience in drug discovery; crystallography and structural biochemistry; and biology of DNA-binding and DNA repair proteins to a pipeline of DDR therapeutics. Underlying everything is a deep and long standing interest in understanding disease mechanisms at the molecular level and combining state of the art science and technology to discover, translate and develop therapeutic approaches to improve lives of patients everywhere.

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